Tensometers - force sensors

High quality for reasonable price.

Sensors are made from stainless steel or dural. Measuring range from 50 N to 3000 kN. Measuring tension, compression or torque.

Wide range of application.

Testing laboratories, tanks weighting, dynamomter or electronic scales. Design and contruction of the sensors according to customer's specification are possible in case that application of the standard sensor is not suitable.


Electronic units.

Conditioners for signal conditioning of the force sensors. The various designs for DIN rail or portable versions. Analog signal conditioners with current output 4 - 20 mA or voltage output 0 - ±10 V. Digital signal conditioners with USB output.

Made in Slovakia.

Manufacturer of force sensors and electronic units is Slovak technology company EMSYST spol. s r.o. with more than 20 years of history. It designs and manufactures force sensors mainly used in the industry.


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